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The edition carries out the review of all received materials which meet the subject area of the journal with the purpose of their peer review. All the readers are the great authorities in the field of the reviewing materials and have their own publication on the reviewing subject during the last three years.

The reviewing carries out anonymously, the authors of the materials do not have any information about the readers.

The reviews are kept at the editorial office during the five years.

The editorial staff sends the conclusion of the editorial board to the authors of the materials based on the expert reviews or repudiation.

Review copies are sent to Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on request.

Preparation of manuscripts

Please prepare your manuscript according to the instructions below:

  1. Paper of up to one author's sheet is submitted electronically. Manuscripts should be typed in the Microsoft Word (doc or docx) font Times New Roman type size 14 points, in a half-spacing. References to the sources, as well as text notes are made as footnotes.
  2. The references are made according to the model [Ivanov, p. 3-23]. To specify the several works by the same writer the author must add a year of publication to the reference [Ivanov 1999, p. 3-23]. References are listed at the end of the text under the headline Bibliography. DOI articles are listed.
  3. The quotations in the text requiring the use of special fonts should be provided by the author, as well as the pdf-version of the text.
  4. Papers should also be accompanied by the brief information about the author in Russian and in English (name and surname in full, degrees and qualifications, the author's position, institution, research interest, email address); an article title in English; , ; an abstract, which summarizes the paper in less than 600 character and from five to seven keywords in Russian and in English.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Editorial Board

E-mail: drevnyayarus@gmail.com